Evibra investerer i BeNeLux og Danmark

BREDA Evibra’s main goal is to enhance the healthcare through making innovative drugs, devices and medical food available in the above mentioned countries.


Bram Wesdorp’s (CEO) opinion: “We achieve this goal through international collaborations. For example, by introducing medicinal products from a French or American company within the Dutch, Belgian or Danish market, through hospitals or other channels up to the patient. We analyse the needs of the market and seek to introduce products meeting these needs. Evibra takes care of the registration, promotion, customer care, logistics, warehousing up to home delivery if needed. This business model requires a significant amount of investment, but now the first boxes have been delivered, the team got a tremendous boost of energy.”

New possibilities

Evibra has an intense collaboration with prescribers and hospitals as they know the needs of their patients. Additionally, Evibra cooperates with insurers and authorities as they are seeking new opportunities. This way Evibra ensures the commercialization of the optimal medicinal products or takes the initiative for collaborations with partners with the required experience and know-how.


In 2018 the Evibra Group from Breda has signed a contract with the Danish authorities to deliver specialised medical food to patients in Denmark.

Bram Wesdorp: “Cambrooke Therapeutics from the United States commercialises a portfolio of specialised products on a natural basis for PKU patients. In the last year some issues arose, which made the products unavailable for the Danish patients. Cambrooke faced a couple of challenges to overcome and requested Evibra for support.”

In Denmark PKU patients are treated and supervised by one specific hospital, Kennedy Center. The physicians and prescribers are relieved Evibra managed to ensure the delivery and service, as this really helps the patients. Patients are genuinly appreciating the taste of the products. One of the reasons is the natural source of the proteins, whey protein, which satisfies the diet requirements of these people.


PKU or Phenylketonuria is a genetic metabolic disease, for which no cure exists. PKU is diagnosed at birth by collecting a few drops of blood from the baby’s heel. In case of an early PKU diagnosis, it is well treatable by a special diet. Evibra helps with the delivery, service and information of this food. Nico Coen (Medical Doctor, medical team): “Our own medical doctors and experts are really impressed by Cambrooke’s products and the team is thrilled by the fact that patients are receiving the products they need.”

Health insurers

In the meanwhile, Evibra has discussed with the healthcare insurers in The Netherlands concerning these PKU products.

Evibra is active in multiple countries in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

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Evibra investerer i BeNeLux og Danmark
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